Buy XH-W3001 Digital LED Temperature Controller in Pakistan

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Buy Brand New XH-W3001 Digital LED Temperature Controller (AC220V, 10A) anywhere in Pakistan at Right Time and Right Price. (Gauranteed)

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Description of XH-W3001 Digital LED Temperature Controller (AC220V, 10A)

This thermostat can be used either for heating or cooling devices. It uses a start and stops temperature. To set the temperature, press and hold one of the two buttons until the screen flashes. When pressing and holding the left button you can adjust the relay start-up temperature and the right-hand relay temperature. After setting the temperature, the screen will stabilize and, after a short delay, will display the temperature read by the sensor.


- Power: 220V AC;

- Maximum current: 10A;

- Maximum power: 1500W;

- Measuring range from -50 ° C to 110 ° C;

- Control range from -50 ° C to 110 ° C;

- Accuracy: 0.1 ° C;

- Temperature sensor: NTC10K, 1m long, waterproof;

- Sensor sample sizes: 4mm (diameter);

- Device dimensions: 60 x 45 x 32mm;

- Weight: 53g;

- Built of metal.

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