New Models of Lexus and Mirai is Launched by Toyota

New Models of Lexus and Mirai is Launched by Toyota

News models of the Lexus and Mirai has been launched in Tokyo, Japan by Toyota Motor Corp.

A report by Reuters states that the Toyota latest drive-assist technology “features a level 2 autonomous system that helps driving, such as limiting the car in its lane, maintaining the distance from other vehicles and changing lanes under the driver’s supervision on motorways or motor-vehicle only roads”.

Recently the head of Toyota research unit Woven Planet, James Kuffner said:

"This is really an important first step on our journey towards software-first development."

Moreover, he added that Toyota is looking forward to the future of the EV block “where software features on cars will be upgradable and more customizable, much like how people personalize their mobile phones”.

The Lexus LS is now retailing for about $150,000, and the Mirai hydrogen-fuel car will available for sale in the market on 12 April, 2021 for as much as $78,000.


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