LUMS to Launch Academic Program in Cryptocurrency

LUMS to Launch Academic Program in Cryptocurrency

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has moored speculations surpassing Rs. 670 million in cryptocurrency to configuration Pakistan's first academic program for blockchain technology, Distribution Ledger Technology, and related platforms, as per LUMS official news release.

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Muneeb Ali, a LUMS alumnus shared this news on his official twitter account:

"We’ve made a $2.5M worth of cryptocurrency donation to enable a Bitcoin and crypto internet research center in South Asia at LUMS."

Muneed Ali also added, "LUMS has always been a hub of cutting-edge research and innovations and I am proud to have a long association with the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering. Crypto networks are likely the biggest tech revolution since the internet itself. This new collaboration on crypto not just strengthens my association with LUMS but can prepare the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs to architect the next generation of the internet by leveraging the blockchain technology."

Muneeb Ali further suggested, “This will not only enable new business models but is also expected to usher in a new era of novel distributed applications over the blockchain. Stacks Pakistan is laying the foundations for this change and will immensely benefit Pakistan.”

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